1 Aralık 2021

cTrader Risk Management

Brokers offering the cTrader platform will be able to provide their dealing and RTO departments with a full-featured risk management solution, which is part of the all-inclusive cBroker platform. From cBroker, you can view exposure, open positions and pending orders in real-time. You can also change margin requirements, liquidity feeds and any other related settings on-the-fly.

Make use of a carefully-designed trading platform solution with a variety of practical risk management settings.

Change all settings in real-time for taking immediate action.
No server restart, or waiting for the weekend’s end necessary.
Dynamic Leverage
In cBroker, you can create unlimited dynamic leverage profiles, where multiple tiers of volume can be defined. When reached, a dynamic reduction of leverage takes place, which increases margin requirements for the range of exposure, which falls within a tier. Each Symbol, in each Group, can have its own Dynamic Leverage profile assigned for ultimate granularity. Two settings are available to decide what happens when exposure is decreased: the margin can either be released proportionally, or it can be recalculated for all open positions.

Liquidity Feeds
Integrate and manage multiple liquidity price feeds, which can be connected to your cServer, to simultaneously switch either Quote or Trade connection on-the-fly. Easily manage backup feeds for redundancy and risk management, or access separate sources for a different range of markets. Liquidity feeds can be selected on a per symbol basis.

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