1 Aralık 2021

cTrader Partner Programs

There is no limit to the number of clients, who can be linked to a single account, be it directly or indirectly. The cTrader Partner Program supports unlimited levels of IBs. This allows IBs to profit if their clients also become IBs, and continue to profit if they recruit other IBs. Sub-IBs help their parent IBs achieve goals and climb the rank structure.

Ranks and Rewards
To motivate their partners to trade higher volumes, brokers can offer up to 10 ranks. Each rank will have specific criteria to meet, and once that’s done, the partner will receive the higher compensation, applied to the rank. All settings are highly flexible, allowing brokers to offer unique partnership programs, directly reflecting their IBs’ objectives.

Flexible Remuneration Models
To ensure maximum flexibility, the cTrader Partner Program supports a variety of remuneration models. All settings are configured on a per symbol, per partner basis, in both, pips and commission. The payouts are realized at midnight UTC each day. Everything is automatically processed by the system, so no extra action is required from the broker.

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